TurboSpin Ride Series

Spring Special- 5 Rides
Spring Special of 5 Rides Expires in 2 Months
3 Rides- New Client Special
Class Package of 3 Rides Expires in 3 Months
1 Month Unlimited- New Client Special
This contract is for 1 month of unlimited classes.
$99.00 /month
Single Ride
Single Ride Expires in 3 Months
5 Rides
Class Package of 5 Rides Expires in 3 Months
10 Rides
Class Package of 10 Rides Expires in 6 Months
20 Rides
Class Package of 20 Rides Expires in 9 Months
50 Rides
Class Package of 50 Rides Expires in 12 Months
8 Rides- Monthly Auto Renewal
This contract is for 8 rides/month. It will renew every month. Classes will not roll over, all 8 rides must be used each month or they expire. You can purchase additional rides during the month for a discounted rate of $14/ride.
$99.00 /month
Month to Month Unlimited
This contract renews automatically every month until customer decides to terminate the contract. Customer must give 30 day notice to cancel contract.
$155.00 /month

Gift Cards

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